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Reproductive Rights Group Sues State of Michigan to Reverse 24-Hour Wait Periods for Abortions

Photo: Matthew Dae Smith ~ USA TODAY NETWORK

MICHIGAN, May 22, 2024 ~ Healthcare organizations made appearances in a Michigan court Tuesday as part of a lawsuit against the state, arguing it has not properly implemented abortion rights under Proposal Three passed by voters in 2022.

Northland Family Planning Center and Medical Students for Choice filed the lawsuit, attempting to reverse a 24-hour wait period for an abortion to be made, a ban on advanced practice clinicians performing abortion, and required counseling for those requesting abortions, according to Bridge Michigan. Rabia Muqaddam, an attorney representing the healthcare organizations, told WJR, “Prop Three doesn’t weigh in on any particular law, but what it says is that there is a fundamental right subject to the highest level of constitutional review, so any law that restricts abortion, including the 24-hour delay, has to survive that constitutional analysis. Our view is that the delay law, in addition to the other components we challenged, do not pass constitutional muster.


May 22, 2024 ~ Two healthcare organizations are suing the state of Michigan, looking to reverse laws that require a 24-hour wait period before an abortion. Guy Gordon, Lloyd Jackson, and Jamie Edmonds talk with Center for Reproductive Rights senior attorney Rabia Muqaddam about what the voters approved through Proposal Three in 2022.