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As a multi-media powerhouse, WJR and WJR.com offer our advertisers a number of customized and creative marketing and advertising opportunities. Whether you are looking to build awareness and credibility for your business or organization, communicate a unique product or service, drive traffic to your storefront, phone or Web site… WJR can provide an integrated, multi-media solution that combines “best of breed” practices of radio and Internet to supercharge your company or organization. We’ve included below a comprehensive overview of the WJR value and opportunities. Feel free to contact us to discuss your unique needs. We’ll be happy to help you join the successful network of WJR advertisers and business partners.

1. Quality. WJR reaches more people that use your product than any other Detroit radio station.

2. Personalities. Personalities sell products. WJR features Detroit’s top radio personalities. The audience varies with each personality.

3. Format. WJR is radio designed to sell product. It is a foreground radio station. The audience is “tuned-in to” what is on the air!

4. Environment. The types of people interviewed and the personalities on the air. The who’s who in politics, sports, business, entertainment, etc.

5. Exclusivity. WJR reaches more exclusive listeners than any other radio station.

6. Coverage. WJR’s 50,000 watt clear channel signal. 200-mile radius.

7. Credibility. People trust WJR; they believe what they hear. It’s where people turn in case of emergencies or for late breaking stories. This credibility transfers to your product.

8. Programs. There are several different programs that advertisers may sponsor each day. Your product becomes associated with these programs.

9. Sports. WJR is the authority for sports in Detroit. It’s where the players and coaches turn to tell their story. Where the fans turn for the facts.

10. It Works! Local advertisers who can measure results find that WJR delivers customers better than any other form of advertisement.
Call us today to discover how Cumulus Media Detroit can create a one-stop targeted advertising campaign that will deliver results for you!


Jeff Marcero
Director of Sales
News/Talk 760 WJR
Cumulus Media Detroit
Telephone: (313) 215-5006
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