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MSU Set to Host Day of Remembrance on One Year Mark of Campus Shooting

Photo: Matthew Dae Smith ~ USA TODAY NETWORK

EAST LANSING, Feb. 12, 2024 ~ Michigan State University is set to reflect on the school shooting that shook campus one year ago.

Tuesday, Feb. 13 marks one year since a gunman killed three people and injured five others at MSU, with most classes canceled for the day to allow for a community gathering in remembrance of those who died in the shooting. While MSU has made some strides to improve campus safety, the school lags behind schedule in some areas like installing new locks on classroom doors, with hundreds of doors on campus still not upgraded.


Feb. 12, 2024 ~ Tomorrow will mark the one-year anniversary of the shooting on the campus of Michigan State University. Detroit Free Press reporter Dave Boucher talks with Guy Gordon, Lloyd Jackson, and Jamie Edmonds about how few employees and students have taken the safety training offered by the school.