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Spring Training Tests Tigers’ New Leadership; Players Adjust to New MLB Rules

Photo: Kim Klement ~ USA TODAY NETWORK

LAKELAND, Florida, February 28, 2023 ~ Spring training is underway at the Tigers’ training camp in Lakeland, Florida, as a reimagined Tigers’ squad gets used to both each other and a fresh roster of rules.

They’re very young, they’re very new; they’ve turned over a lot of their roster, but they have a great vibe … they just love being with each other,WDIV-TV Local 4 Sports Director Bernie Smilovitz said on “’JR Sunday with Mark Hollis.”


February 26, 2023 ~ Longtime Detroit broadcaster Bernie Smilovitz talks live on “‘JR Sunday with Mark Hollis” from the Detroit Tigers‘ training camp in Lakeland, Florida. Get Bernie’s perspective on the 2023 team, plus stories from the start of his legendary career and a look forward to a few high-profile national sporting events that are coming to the Motor City.

(CONTINUED)I think you’ll find out in the next five weeks or so … who’s going to make this team, who’s going to be good, and exactly what they have. Scott Harris, who’s the new team president … [is] going piece by piece to see.”

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Amid the restructuring, Tigers players are getting accustomed to a series of new rules recently announced by MLB. These rules, which include the addition of a pitch timer, defensive shift restrictions, and bigger bases, are designed to improve the pace and excitement of play while also increasing safety.

Grapefruit league games continues through March 26, with the Tigers opening the season March 30 in Tampa Bay. The Tigers’ home opener happens Thursday, April 6 at Comerica Park.