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Wednesday, October 12, 2022
Paul W. SmithAll Talk  |  Guy Gordon  |  Mitch Albom

Opinion | Has COVID Created a Society of Entitled Deadbeats?
By 760 WJR’s Guy Gordon

DETROIT, October 11, 2022 ~ Is our “COVID Compassion” creating a culture of deadbeats?

As the Biden Administration prepares to grant forgiveness to student loan borrowers, I’ve asked that question of my listeners. Some have admonished my skepticism, insisting most borrowers were fulfilling their obligations and one act of generosity will not un-do a lifetime of behaving responsibly.

In rebuttal, allow me to offer an object lesson from our state’s beleaguered landlords.

My friend manages 10,000 units of rental housing in various communities throughout SE Michigan. We’ll call him Bob. He fears his criticisms of process and courts will ignite retribution.

At the outset of the pandemic, he acknowledged the emergency and the hardships it brought to his tenants. Believing it would be short-lived, he embraced the eviction moratorium as a necessity and even gave in-person instruction to struggling tenants, helping them fill out applications for Uncle Sam’s COVID Emergency Rent Assistance (CERA) program.

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