The Inside Outside Guys: Whose Land is It?

By Ken Calverley and Chuck BreidensteinDETROIT, September 9, 2021 ~ Years ago, the Inside Guy purchased an old farm property on some acreage. The property included a barn and other out buildings. A month after the purchase, the neighbor to the west strolled down to say hello and proclaim that the barn encroached on his land by…MORE


The Inside Outside Guys: Basement Ventilation is the Key to Clearing the Air

By Ken Calverley and Chuck BreidensteinDETROIT, August 26, 2021 ~ Ask anyone to describe basement air and you will hear terms like “dank,” “musty,” “moldy” and other adjectives that generally apply to moist, stagnant and unhealthy air. The air we described can cause sinus conditions, stimulate asthma reactions and worse. Radon, accounting for 20,000 deaths a year from lung…MORE


The Inside Outside Guys: Sump Pumps

By Ken Calverley and Chuck BreidensteinDETROIT, August 19, 2021 ~ Moving water from one location to another has been a primary concern for mankind since the dawn of time. Devices were developed to furnish water to the king’s fountains, remove water from mines so they could be safely worked and to lift water from deep holes for drinking.…MORE


September 9, 2021 ~ CEO and Co-founder of Dynamo Metrics Nigel Griswold tells Kevin Dietz about Ann Arbor‘s increased residential property value in a placemaking report.

September 8, 2021 ~ Michael Perna tells Kevin Dietz about the Game of Thornes house that is for sale in Rochester.


July 16, 2021 ~ The Inside Outside Guys and Atlas Home Improvement present Vietnam Veteran Lamar Harrington as the winner of the first Veteran Bath Makeover.


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