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Michigan Childcare Providers Worry Over New State Budget Proposals

Photo: Alyssa Keown ~ USA TODAY NETWORK

LANSING, June 12, 2024 ~ The Michigan Legislature changed language in Gov. Gretchen Whitmer‘s proposed Great Start Readiness Program (GSRP) which has some in the childcare industry worried about their already stained services.

The proposed program aims to provide free preschool education for all Michigan 4-year-olds, but State House lawmakers removed language from the bill that would give 30% of the funding to private childcare providers that work with public providers. The State Senate added language that would require private GSRP teachers to earn at least the average GSRP teacher salary in the region. Private childcare providers argue that these requirements would make it harder for their businesses to turn a profit.


June 12, 2024 ~ Michigan childcare experts and business leaders have called on legislators to abandon the proposed budget changes that will hurt Michigan’s childcare industry. Marcus Keech, government affairs director at the Grand Rapids Chamber, joins Tom Jordan to explain their concerns.