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Detroit Mayor Duggan Discusses Affordable Housing in Detroit at Mackinac Policy Conference

Photo: Junfu Han ~ USA TODAY NETWORK

MACKINAC ISLAND, MI, May 29, 2024 ~ During the first day of the Mackinac Policy Conference, Michigan politicians and community leaders gathered to discuss how to address affordable housing in the state.

The “Solving Michigan’s Housing Crisis” panel included Detroit Mayor Mike Duggan, Michigan State Housing Development Authority Executive Director and CEO Amy Hovey, and State Sen. Sarah Anthony (D-Lansing). They spoke about how affordable housing impacts its economic development, its residents’ educational outcomes, and the renovation projects across Michigan creating thousands of housing units.


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(CONTINUED) Duggan specifically spoke about how Detroit is addressing the issue, stating the city has seen over $1 billion in affordable housing projects over the past five years. He spoke about why he thinks it is important to keep housing units affordable.

You cannot kick out the people who are in your existing affordable housing,” Duggan said. “You saw it happen in Brooklyn. You saw it happen in Washington D.C. You saw it happen in Austin, Texas.