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Donald Trump Slam EV’s, Pushes For Presidential Immunity In WJR Interview

Photo: Lily Smith ~ USA TODAY NETWORK

April 30, 2024 ~ Amid an ongoing criminal trial involving an alleged hush money scandal, former President Donald Trump joined WJR‘s Chris Renwick to attack the policies of President Joe Biden, particularly electric vehicle mandates.

This whole thing with the EV mandate is killing everybody in that industry, and the people don’t want it,” Trump claimed in the interview. He also discussed his push for presidential immunity in the Supreme Court amid his four criminal indictments, which has some legal experts concerned over the possibility of future presidents being able to commit criminal acts with punishment if the court sides with Trump’s legal team.


April 30, 2024 ~ Chris Renwick speaks with former President Donald Trump, who critiques President Joe Biden’s policies on electric vehicle mandates and tariffs. Trump emphasizes Michigan’s automotive significance, calls for domestic production, and criticizes the UAW’s endorsement of Biden. He also discusses legal challenges and why he wants presidential immunity amid multiple federal indictments and talks about Israel and Palestine.