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New Poll: Trump’s Lead Over Biden Shrinks in Michigan

Photo: Jack Gruber (left) and Jennifer Altman ~ USA TODAY NETWORK

MICHIGAN, March 27, 2024 ~ A new poll may show signs of President Joe Biden making ground on former President Donald Trump in six swing states, including Michigan.

The Bloomberg/Morning Consult poll found that Biden and Trump are tied at 45% for the 2024 presidential election in Michigan, months after most polls said Trump was in the lead in the Mitten State. The two candidates have been battling for the support of the swing state Biden won by about 150,000 votes in 2020, with key issues this year including union labor, electric vehicles, and Israel‘s military campaign into Gaza.


March 27, 2024 ~ A new Bloomberg/Morning Consult poll indicates that President Joe Biden is making significant gains against former President Donald Trump in swing states ahead of the 2024 presidential election. But what’s the truth behind the numbers? Jason Roe, principal of Roe Strategic, talks with Guy Gordon, Lloyd Jackson, and Jamie Edmonds about the state of the race, and Robert F. Kennedy Jr.‘s vice president selection.