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How Detroit’s Automakers Could Be Impacted By Baltimore Bridge Collapse

Photo: Benjamin Chambers ~ USA TODAY NETWORK

BALTIMORE, March 27, 2024 ~ Detroit‘s Big Three automakers expect disruptions after a major bridge collapsed in the Patapsco River, shutting down the Port of Baltimore.

Up to 850,000 new vehicles, along with parts for vehicle manufacturing, pass through the port every year. With the major trade hub closed for an uncertain amount of time, Ford Motor Co., General Motors, Stellantis, and other car makers will make diversions to other ports, with industry experts unsure how big a hit the industry will take financially.


March 27, 2024 ~ Following yesterday’s collapse of the Francis Scott Key Bridge, the auto industry is expected to experience some disruptions. The Detroit NewsKalea Hall joins Kevin Dietz and Tom Jordan to discuss what we can expect.