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Michigan AG Dana Nessel Fights to Move Line 5 Shut Down Case to Michigan Court

Photo: Nick King ~ USA TODAY NETWORK

March 26, 2024 ~ Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel continued her five-year legal battle to shut down Enbridge Line 5 in the Straights of Mackinac in a court appearance last week.

Nessel appeared in the Sixth Circuit U.S. Court of Appeals to argue for the shutdown of Line 5 by Enbridge, the Alberta-based pipeline and energy company that runs the decades-old oil pipeline, citing long-held concerns of oil leaks into the Great Lakes. A federal court sided with Enbridge in 2022, though Nessel appealed the case, arguing the case should be held in state court where she initially filed it before Enbridge forced it to be moved to a federal court.


March 26, 2024 ~ Last week, Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel argued the Line 5 dispute should be handled in state court. Ryan Duffy, communications strategist for Enbridge, joins Kevin Dietz and Tom Jordan to discuss this ongoing battle.

(CONTINUED) Enbridge spokesperson Ryan Duffy argued on “All Talk with Jordan and Dietz” that the pipeline is safe and has never spilled in the Straights of Mackinac. However, Line 5 has spilled over 1 million gallons of oil at other points since 1968, according to the National Wildlife Federation. Enbridge Line 6B also spilled about 1 million gallons of oil in 2010 into the Kalamazoo River system, resulting in one of the largest inland oil spills in U.S. history.