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UAW and GM Deal At Risk of Falling Apart as Union Plants Continue Voting

Photo: Mandi Wright ~ USA TODAY NETWORK

DETROIT, Nov. 15, 2023 ~ The tentative deal between the UAW and General Motors could be in jeopardy as votes continue to pour in from union plants, with the current vote count from union members as of Tuesday at a slim 52% in favor of ratifying it.

Major GM plants across the country have voted against the deal, including Michigan plants in Lansing, Romulus, and Flint, with UAW leadership needing to return to the bargaining table if it is rejected. Union members against the deal said while it was a step in the right direction, the wage increases failed to reflect a pre-2007 level and did not bring back pensions and retiree healthcare.

Despite Ford‘s Kentucky Truck Plant, the company’s largest, voting against the deal, 65% of Ford union members overall have approved the deal so far. Stellantis votes are currently at about 80%, but many of its larger plants have not voted yet.


Nov. 15, 2023 ~ Daniel Howes, columnist for the Detroit News, talks with Guy Gordon, Lloyd Jackson, and Jamie Edmonds about many General Motors workers voting against the tentative contract with the UAW.