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Rumors Fly Around Detroit Tigers as MLB Trade Deadline Quickly Approaches

Photo: Jay Biggerstaff ~ USA TODAY Sports

Aug. 1, 2023 ~ As the deadline for the MLB trade is coming down to the wire, rumors are flying as to whom the Detroit Tigers will trade.

Tigers starting pitchers Eduardo Rodriguez and Michael Lorenzen are both able to become free agents once the current season ends. Many major teams have shown interest in recruiting both of these players as the 6 p.m., Aug. 1 deadline fast approaches.

WJR Senior Sports Analyst Steve Courtney spoke on “Focus with Paul W. Smith” to discuss the latest with the Tigers and the MLB trade.


Aug. 1, 2023 ~ 760 WJR Sports Analyst Steve Courtney chats with Paul W. about if the Detroit Tigers will be buyers or sellers as the trade deadline comes up at 6 p.m. tonight.