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Former Michigan Congressman Fred Upton Supporting Third Party, No Labels

Photo: Trace Christenson ~ USA TODAY NETWORK

June 6, 2023 ~ It is highly possible that U.S. voters will be seeing another presidential election between former President Donald Trump and President Joe Biden, an outcome highly disfavored by many voters.

However, an organization wants to challenge the two-party system. In comes No Labels, a self-described centrist political organization looking to grab the attention of disenfranchised voters with a unity ticket in 2024. One of the names involved is former Michigan Republican Congressman Fred Upton, who spoke with 760 WJR’s Paul W. Smith Tuesday morning.

You have 75% of (U.S.) voters who do not want this re-run ticket again,” Upton said.


June 6, 2023 ~ Former Congressman Fred Upton talks to Paul W. about a political group he is working with called “No Labels” and how the the group is organizing a third-party ballot initiative that will begin in Michigan next month.

(CONTINUED) The group aims to bring Democrats and Republicans together on issues and have a third-party ballot presence across all 50 states in 2024, Upton said. Prominent backers of the group include billionaire Andrew Tisch, Panera Bread Founder Ron Shaich, and former Facebook Executive Dave Morin.

The organization is rumored to be aiming to nab conservative-leaning Democrat Sen. Joe Manchin or former Maryland Republican Gov. Larry Hogan as presidential nominees.

A recent poll from NewsNation/DDHQ shows that nearly half of U.S. voters would consider voting for a viable third-party candidate if it were Trump vs. Biden again, with progressive independent Bernie Sanders being the most popular choice. However, third-party candidates have always struggled to gain votes and seats in general elections, especially for presidential candidates due to a candidate needing an absolute majority in the Electoral College.

Upton said petitions to put the No Labels Party on the ballot will be circulating around Michigan in about a month.