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Are Wireless Car Chargers the Future of EV’s? This Detroit Auto Critic Thinks So

Photo: Ryan Garza ~ USA TODAY NETWORK

May 5, 2023 ~ As electric vehicle technology evolves, new innovations are finding their ways into Detroit.

Mark Phelan, auto critic and columnist for the Detroit Free Press, recently attended a demo for a new wireless car charger in Corktown and wrote about his experience. The company, WiTricity, is developing these chargers, which he thought was just as efficient as wired charging.

I think a lot of electric vehicle owners are going to have one of these put into their garage,” Phelan said to 760 WJR’s Sean Baligian.


May 5, 2023 ~ Detroit Free Press Auto Critic Mark Phelan speaks with Sean Baligian about his column on wireless charging for EV’s coming soon.

(CONTINUED) The parking lot in Corktown hosted companies that test different technologies, including WiTricity. Phelan drove a Ford Mustang Mach-E into the lot and said it charged faster than many home chargers.

He also said this technology is good for those who are forgetful with plugging in their vehicles.

Phelan said the company already has these chargers set up in countries like South Korea and China, with the US not far behind in receiving them.