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Over 3 Million Michigan Residents Lack Access to Primary Care Physicians

DETROIT, March 27, 2023 ~ Milbank Memorial Fund, a non-partisan organization that tracks trends in the healthcare industry, says that a shortage in primary care physicians is causing as many as 20% of Michigan adults and 8% of Michigan children to go without primary care providers.

Many factors are contributing to the shortage, though key among them are pay, with primary care physicians and pediatricians averaging well below the salaries of other specialties. Another factor is the loss of nearly half the state’s resident trainees to other states. With a wave of doctors now approaching the retirement age, Michigan’s shortage is expected to near almost 1,000 doctors by 2030.


March 27, 2023 ~ Are you looking for a good primary care doctor? You are not alone and the search could take you some time. 760 WJR Senior News Analyst Marie Osborne tells Chris Renwick that there’s a shortage of primary care doctors in Michigan, and the problem is only getting worse.

(CONTINUED) Lawmakers tuned to the growing problem have enacted several programs designed to encourage physicians who have been trained in Michigan to stay in Michigan. Among these programs is MIDocs, which offers up to $75,000 in student loan repayment for doctors who work at least two years in underserved areas of the state. 

Another is the Michigan State Loan Repayment Program, which offers up to $300,000 in student loan repayment for doctors who choose to offer primary care services at select Michigan nonprofits.

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