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Gen Z Parents Resist “Lying” to their Kids About Santa for Fear of “Traumatizing” Them

Photo: Michael Cuviello / Amarillo Globe-News / USA Today

NORTH POLE, December 20, 2022 ~ The hashtag “SantaIsntReal” is trending by the millions on TikTok, as some Gen Z parents refuse to allow their children to believe in Santa Claus on the grounds it will “traumatize” them when they find out he is not real.

Gen Z and Millennials are rethinking something,” said Real Life Parenting Guide Founder and Parenting Coach Kim Muench to 760 WJR’s Chris Renwick and Sean Baligian. “I, at times as a mom, kind of blindly run along with what was before me…so I kind of applaud that they are thinking about this and maybe going to treat it differently.”


December 20, 2022 ~ Real Life Parenting Guide Founder and Parenting Coach Kim Muench tells Chris and Sean about some Gen Z parents who are refusing to teach their kids about Santa Claus because they claim it’s traumatizing.

(CONTINUED) My oldest, when he was 10, asked the question I knew was coming, and it led to other questions about other holidays…and then it led to — and I wasn’t anticipating this — he asked me whether or not God was real, and I did not see that coming.”

Some parents said they do not want to influence their childrens’ behavior based on a mythical being who spies on children, while the older generations love the joy and imagination Santa inspires in their kids.