Pence Joins Paul W. to Advocate for Michigan Conservatives

Photo: Joseph Cress / USA TODAY NETWORK

November 7, 2022 ~ Former Vice President Mike Pence was on 760 WJR’s “The Paul W. Smith Show” Monday morning to talk about what he called, “a great American comeback.

As I was campaigning in the Lansing area … as I was campaigning in Kalamazoo … I heard one Michigander after another telling me that they want new leadership,” Pence told Paul W.

Everywhere I’ve gone, [the issues are] inflation, gasoline prices, crime, and the crisis at our southern border… I’m convinced that the candidates who are focused there … which Tudor Dixon is, which Tom Berrett is in his race against Elissa Slotkin … and other members of the delegation … those candidates are going to be rewarded by voters when the polls close tomorrow.


November 7, 2022 ~ Mike Pence, former vice president of the United States, talks to Paul W. about the mid-term elections, and he says it’s important to exercise your franchise. He also tells Paul he will make a decision about his future after the mid-term elections. Photo: ALEX HICKS JR. / USA TODAY NETWORK

(CONTINUED) Noting the way in which the Trump / Pence administration ended, Paul W. asked the former vice president if we would ever see the two men on the same stage again?

First, let me affirm to you … I couldn’t be more proud of the record of the Trump / Pence administration,” said Pence. “It was the greatest honor of my life … to be vice president in an administration that rebuilt our military, revived our economy, appointed conservatives to our courts, stood with our allies, [and] stood up to our enemies.

While we may never see the circumstances around January 6th the same, I’ll always be proud of the record of our administration, and I’ll never stop fighting to advance the agenda and advance the values that have always been characterized in my life, and that were at the very center of the Trump / Pence administration.

Former Vice President Pence’s new autobiography, “So Help Me God” hits bookstores and digital retailers November 15.