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Experts Warn of a Winter “Tripledemic” as RSV Cases Rise

Photo: Jessica Koscielniak / USA Today

DETROIT, November 3, 2022 ~ Pediatric ICUs across the nation are filling to capacity with an alarming number of RSV infections. This combined with likely seasonal increases of COVID-19 and influenza have experts worried about a potential “tripledemic” this winter.

RSV, or respiratory syncytial virus, typically manifests itself with mild symptoms, though it can cause pneumonia and bronchitis in young children, and can be life threatening for infants and elderly adults.

At Corewell itself…we are starting to move patients into adult ICUs to manage those patients and open up space,” said Corewell Beaumont Royal Oak Chief and Chair of Pediatrics Dr. Matthew Denenberg. “At Beaumont Royal Oak, we saw 126 patients in one day last week, which is a record for us.”


November 2, 2022 ~ 760 WJR Senior News Analyst Marie Osborne reports on “All Talk with Tom Jordan & Kevin Dietz” about the alarming rise of RSV in children, and how it might combine with COVID-19 and influenza to create a “tripledemic.” 

(CONTINUED) Experts say that returning to social activities after staying isolated during the pandemic has led to lowered immune systems and a subsequent spike in virus spread. Additionally, young children born during or just before the pandemic did not benefit from natural exposure to the common cold or other viruses, and as such did not build up a natural immunity as early as other generations.

There is currently no vaccine for RSV, however there are many in development.