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County Executive Coulter and State Senator Johnson at Odds Over Oakland County Transportation Millage

TROY, Michigan, October 31, 2022 ~ Oakland County voters are being asked to consider a transit millage, which if approved would extend transit services throughout the majority of the jurisdiction. 

Expanding the current transportation services … across the county into every community will be a huge help for our seniors, for our disabled residents, for our veterans, and our workers,Oakland County Executive Dave Coulter told Paul W. Smith. “Right now, Oakland County is this sort of Swiss cheese where some communities are in, some communities are out, [and] the bus drives right through your community if you’re not in.” 

If passed, the measure would levy a .95 mill property tax, which by some estimates would work out to roughly $300 annually per home per year over 10 years. Initiative backers however suggests lower costs.   

For the average household in Oakland County, its $9 a month,” said Coulter. “Now, if you’re already in a SMART community and pay SMART taxes … it’s actually a tax decrease for you because it goes from 1 mill to .95.

For the majority of our residents, it’s a slight tax decrease, and for the rest, it’s about $9 a month.


October 19, 2022 ~ Michigan Republican Senator and former Michigan Secretary of State Ruth Johnson explains why she is voting “NO” on both the Oakland Transit millage and Proposal 2.

October 25, 2022 ~ Oakland County Executive David Coulter talks to Paul W. about the Oakland Transit millage, and he says a “YES” vote would be good for the community.

(CONTINUED) It’s the season when people lie about politics, and there’s been some whoppers out there,Michigan State Senator Ruth Johnson told Paul W.

They have a map that Dave Coulter, the County Executive goes around showing, that we don’t have the designated transportation … that’s just 100 percent false. I live in the northwest corner, we have one of the best systems going, and we make sure that anybody that’s a senior or has disabilities … we give them a ride wherever they want.

[The Oakland Transit millage] takes away local control, it more than doubles their budget … an additional $660 million dollars’ worth of property taxes … [and] there is no plan,” contended Johnson. 

I think they’re in financial trouble … they didn’t live within their means … they owe over $100 million dollars in benefits for people that worked there … they need to live within their budget, and taxing people’s homes, I think is one of the most outrageous things you can do.” 

An overview of the Oakland Transit millage can be found here: www.Oakgov.com/OaklandTransit. Oakland County residents will decide the measure November 8.


The Oakland Transit millage would expand transportation to parts of Oakland County that are not currently served by any designated, multi-community transit provider. This map shows where SMART, North Oakland Transportation Authority, Western Oakland Transportation Authority and Older Persons Commission currently provide services, and the areas where there is limited local transportation. Source: OakGov.com

As seen here, the Oakland Transit millage proposes to expand transit service by extending and creating transit routes across Oakland County, especially in underserved employment centers. It also intends to expand reservation-based transportation services, offering flexible rides for seniors, veterans, and people with disabilities who need to make essential trips, such as doctor appointments and grocery shopping. The millage is said to also included app-based small vehicle on-demand service, which would provide better links between lower-density suburban areas to the full transit system.Source: Oakland County Board of Commissioners