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Southfield Attorney Geoffrey Fieger to Represent Burks Family in Fatal Shooting Case

Photo: Andrea Sahouri / USA Today

DETROIT, October 6, 2022 ~ Southfield Attorney Geoffrey Fieger is representing the family of Porter Burks, a 22-year-old who was shot earlier this week by Detroit police during a mental health check. The high-profile attorney referred to the officers involved as a “firing squad” that fired 38 bullets in three seconds, killing the man.

In a press conference, Fieger said Detroit Police and Chief James White are putting on a “propaganda show” to explain the incidents surrounding the fatal event, and accused the Chief of attempting to mislead the public.

They are trained to protect us from criminals and crime, they are not trained to deal with the mentally ill,” said Fieger to 760 WJR’s Paul W. Smith. “Too often than not, the police come and shoot them. But what do we expect when we have turned over the care of ill people to police instead of mental health professionals?


October 7, 2022 ~ Detroit-area Attorney Geoffrey Fieger talks to Paul W. about the fatal Detroit Police shooting involving a resident who was dealing with a mental health issue.

According to Fieger, once Burks’ mother is appointed as head of the victim’s estate — which is necessary to file the suit — he will file a suit that accuses negligence on part of the officers involved, as well as violations of the civil rights act and Michigan State Constitution.