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Tudor Dixon Calls for Michigan Superintendent’s Resignation After LGBTQ+ Training Surfaces

Photo: Junfu Han / USA Today

LANSING, September 21, 2022 ~ Republican Gubernatorial Candidate Tudor Dixon called for the resignation of Michigan Superintendent of Public Instruction Michael Rice on Tuesday, on the grounds that he backed Department of Education training sessions that coached teachers to hide information on student gender identity and transitional choices from parents.

This is an actual training hitting Michigan,” said Tudor Dixon to 760 WJR’s Tom Jordan and Kevin Dietz. “Not only not telling parents about these thoughts, or not telling parents if there is a suicidal child, but also talking to that child about how to transition, and how you can do that outside of the parents. This is a very dangerous situation that we are in right now, and I have not heard word one from Gretchen Whitmer.”


September 21, 2021 ~ Michigan Gubernatorial Candidate Tudor Dixon talks with Tom and Kevin about her call for the resignation of Michigan Superintendent Rice over a LGBTQ+ workshop.

(CONTINUED) Dixon’s call came in a conference held in front of the Department of Education building in Lansing.

According to Michigan Department of Education Spokesman Martin Ackley, Rice has no intention of stepping down, and will continue to work to “protect the health, well-being, and education of all Michigan students.”