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Looming Rail Worker Strike Could Derail National Supply Chain

Photo: Olivia Falcigno / USA Today

DETROIT, September 13, 2022 ~ Amtrak has preemptively suspended service on some long-range routes to prepare for a potential nationwide rail worker strike, stoking fears of supply chain issues that could add to the nation’s ballooning inflation rate.

What the American Association of Railroads has said is that we are looking at potentially two billion dollars being lost to the economy a day if in fact this strike does happen,” said Fox News Correspondent and 760 WJR Contributor Ryan Schmelz to 760 WJR’s Paul W. Smith. “We are looking at something that could really mess up our supply chain…not just for the rail workers, but for all of us, no matter where you live in the country.”


September 13, 2022 ~ Fox News Correspondent and 760 WJR Contributor Ryan Schmelz talks to Paul W. about the possibility of a US rail worker strike, and he says if employees walk off the job there could be major disruptions.

The unions have rejected a proposed deal from a Presidential Emergency Board appointed by President Biden, which would provide raises and expand bonuses over a five-year period.

Eight of the 12 unions have agreed to the plan, along with the rail companies, though the holdout parties say that the plans do not give enough employee protection, and do not address complaints on workplace conditions.

President Biden is reportedly tracking the issue personally, and Labor Secretary Marty Walsh is engaged with talks with the unions.