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California Officials Tell Residents to Choose Between Charging Their EVs and Running Their AC

Photo: Ron Holman / Visalia Times-Delta

SACROMENTO, CALIFORNIA, August 16, 2022 ~ Electric vehicle owners in The Golden State are now facing a tough decision presented by state officials amid a heat wave: charge their vehicles, or air condition their homes. This comes only a week after a plan was unveiled to ban the sale of new gasoline-powered cars in California by 2035.

The crisis is occurring as Detroit‘s big three automakers are preparing to unveil more EVs at the Detroit Auto Show next week, and switch production to electric-focused product lines.

If we don’t fix the grid in [Michigan], never mind the rest of the country, kiss our lead as a manufacturing nation goodbye,” said TheDetroitBureau.com Publisher Paul Eisenstein on 760 WJR‘s “All Talk with Tom Jordan and Kevin Dietz.” “We talk as a country about wanting to bring back manufacturing. That requires energy…it’s time for us to fix the infrastructure.


September 6, 2022 ~ Paul Eisenstein talks with Kevin and Tom about California state officials telling their EV owners to shut off their cars because the grid can’t handle it.

Even with this uncertainty, General Motors plans to completely phase out internal combustion engines by 2035, while Stellantis is aiming the Chrysler to be all electric by 2028, and Ford is pushing to make 50 percent of all sales electric by 2030.

It is currently unclear what steps are being taken to prepare our electrical grids for the influx of EVs, or how much more power the current systems can push out without failure.


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