Tudor Dixon Headed to November Ballot with Running Mate Shane Hernandez

Photo: Junfu Han / USA Today

LANSING, August 29, 2022 ~ Former State Representative Shane Hernandez was voted to be Michigan Republican gubernatorial nominee Tudor Dixon’s running mate at the Michigan GOP convention in Lansing on Saturday.

After losing the congressional bid in 2020, Hernandez had returned to the private sector before Dixon named him as her preferred running mate to go against Governor Gretchen Whitmer and Lieutenant Governor Garlin Gilchrist in November.


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These delegates know me,” said Hernandez to reporters following the vote. “We’re in a great spot going forward. We’re going to take our message out to the voters that this election is about the kitchen table issues that are hurting people at home: the cost of groceries, the cost of gas, the lack of workers.”

Additionally, the pair is marketing their campaign around lessening regulations on businesses, and expanding parental rights in education.