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Matt DePerno tells 760 WJR that Dana Nessel is the “Most Corrupt Attorney General” in Michigan’s History

Photo: Mandi Wright and Junfu Han / USA Today Network

LANSING, August 9, 2022 ~ Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel has petitioned for a special prosecutor to investigate her political opponent Matt DePerno after he allegedly seized voting machines from county clerks to find margins of error in the machine.

This is what Dana Nessel is doing…she weaponized her office to attack a political opponent. Everything in her so-called petition that we have looked at is total garbage,” said DePerno on 760 WJR‘s “All Talk with Tom Jordan and Kevin Dietz.”


August 9, 2022 ~ Republican Attorney General Nominee Matt DePerno talks with Kevin and Tom about AG Nessel‘s latest claims against him.

(CONTINUED)She concocted this story which she leaked…because she wants the media and everyone else talking about this, and not about her failing record as Attorney General…she doesn’t want people talking about how she is the most corrupt attorney general in the history of this state.

Many Republican officials across the country are saying that the Democratic Party is weaponizing the Justice Department against their opponents, as the request from Nessel’s office came just days before the FBI raided President Donald Trump‘s home.


August 9, 2022 ~ Fox News Correspondent and 760 WJR Contributor Eben Brown talks to Paul W. about the raid on President Donald Trump‘s home.






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