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I-94 Remains Closed as Massive Tied Arch Bridge Gets Rolled into Place

Photo: WJR/Curtis Paul

July 25, 2022 ~ The new Second Avenue bridge, which is is being installed over I-94 this week, is being called “an engineering marvel” by the Michigan Department of Transportation. The 1,100-ton structure was constructed in an adjacent parking lot over the last few months, and is now being slowly rolled into place by multi-axle rolling platforms.


July 21, 2022 ~ Michigan Department of Transportation Communications Specialist Rob Morosi speaks with 760 WJR‘s Guy Gordon about the instillation of the technologically advanced Second Avenue bridge, a first-ever of its kind in Michigan.  

(CONTINUED) Additionally unique is that the bridge will be the state’s first network tied arch bridge, which provides support from above through a series of crisscrossed cables. The bridge’s progressive design means that no center support will be necessary.

When complete, the bridge will offer two lanes of traffic, bike lanes, and pedestrian walkways connecting the Wayne State University District with the Tech Town and New Center neighborhoods.

Freeway closures associated to the project are expected to conclude this Friday.