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Oxford High School Students Feel Unsafe; Parents Want Stronger Security Measures

Photo: Matthew Hatcher / Getty

OXFORD, MICHIGAN, April 15, 2022 ~ In the aftermath of the November 30 Oxford High School Shooting, students are still struggling to feel safe in the school, with parents asking for both changes, and an internal investigation.

According to reports, many students are so fearful that they are leaving the school early in the day, or not making it through a full week of classes. Some students are even too afraid to eat in the cafeteria, and are refusing to use the school restrooms.

They’ve made some changes, and they tell us about those changes. But when you get down to it, on November 30 we had one police officer at the school and two security guards, and today we have one police officer at the school and two security guards,” said parent Lori Bourgeau to 760 WJR‘s Paul W. Smith. “They are making some changes, but they sound like the changes they made are grander than the reality.”

What steps need to be taken, and will school officials be willing to take those steps?
Hear from Lori what she and other parents and students are asking to be done for their children, below.


April 15, 2022 ~ The parent of an Oxford High School student talks to Paul W. about security at the school and she says changes need to be made.