Congressman Peter Meijer Joins 760 WJR for a Talk on the War in Ukraine

Photo: Bill Clark / CQ-Roll Call Inc. via Getty

UKRAINE, April 13, 2022 ~ As the Russian invasion of Ukraine approaches its fiftieth day, President Joe Biden declared the Russian atrocities as “genocide,” though experts do not expect the change in rhetoric to mean an immediate change in policy.

Congressman Peter Meijer today had a talk with 760 WJR‘s Tom Jordan and Kevin Dietz about the conflict, and how the Biden Administration is handling the situation.

“We should not be holding anything in reserve when it comes to giving Ukrainians defensive weapons,” said Congressman Meijer. “Now I do not, and still do not support the US becoming directly militarily involved and giving Putin the war that he wants between Russia and the US.”

Catch the Congressman’s full analysis of the situation below.


April 13, 2022 ~ Congressman Peter Meijer talks with Kevin and Tom about the latest in Ukraine.