AG Candidate Matt DePerno Facing Backlash for Withholding Location of $400,000

LANSING, March 30, 2022 ~ Michigan Republican Attorney General Candidate Matt DePerno is under fire after information came to light surrounding DePerno’s termination from a law firm in 2005.

According to court records, DePerno was fired from his position after he allegedly “padded” funds from client billings and used the money to accelerate himself both personally and professionally.

Now, the Trump-endorsed attorney is under scrutiny yet again, after nearly $400,000 raised for the Election Fraud Defense Fund went missing. DePerno’s opponent, former Michigan House Speaker Tom Leonard, wants DePerno to disclose where the funding went.

I don’t think he is going to be able to blow this off, particularly if he gets the nomination,” said The Detroit News Editorial Page Editor Nolan Finely to 760 WJR’s Guy Gordon. “He’s going to have to answer where that money went. It’s 400 grand. That’s a lot of cash.”

Will DePerno’s candidacy survive the backlash, and if it does, will it be enough to beat incumbent AG Dana Nessel in the voting booth? Find out more from Nolan Finely on “The Paul W. Smith Show,” here:


March 30, 2022 ~ Attorney General Candidate Matt DePerno has some explaining to do according to The Detroit NewsNolan Finley.