FBI Director Christopher Wray to Speak at Detroit Economic Club Tuesday

Photo: Mark Wilson / Getty

DETROIT, March 21, 2022 ~ Tuesday, FBI Director Christopher Wray will be speaking to the Detroit Economic Club about global security issues that the US is facing amid the ongoing conflict in Ukraine.

Of note will be the growing threat of cyber-attacks from China and Russia, and the sanctions placed on Russia as a result of the Ukrainian conflict.

We’re certainly worried about and focused on the possibility of cyber-retaliation by the Russians in the context of the sanctions that we and our allies have imposed on them,” said FBI Director Christopher Wray to 760 WJR‘s Paul W. Smith. “But China is in many ways the greatest threat our country faces, certainly long term. And on the cyber side, they have a bigger hacking program than that of pretty much every other major nation combined, and have stolen more of our personal and corporate data in the US than every other nation combined.

Below, Paul W. Smith and Director Wray preface the event, and talk on how the US may fare in a cyber conflict against the two superpowers.

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March 21, 2022 ~ FBI Director Christopher Wray will be in town on Tuesday to speak to the Detroit Economic Club and he talks first with Paul W. about his speech and his efforts to fight cyber-crime.