Oakland Hills Country Club Surveillance Video Surfaces Showing How Fire Potentially Started

Photo: Leon Halip / Getty

BLOOMFIELD TOWNSHIP, Michigan, March 18, 2022 ~ A surveillance video has been released from Oakland Hills Country Club, showing how the fire that consumed the building potentially began.

The video shows workers using a propane torch on the exterior of the building, though it is not certain what they were using the torch for.

You can’t really rule anything out until you rule everything out,” said Oakland County Sheriff Mike Bouchard. “We’re still checking to see if there is other potential ignition sources, or any causal factors that may have led to the spread in a faster fashion … but clearly and obviously this certainly appears to be the primary, if not the only ignition source.”

Hear 760 WJR‘s Paul W. Smith get the latest details on the case straight from Oakland County Sheriff Mike Bouchard.


March 18, 2022 ~ Oakland County Sheriff Mike Bouchard talks to Paul W. about the cause of the massive fire that destroyed the Oakland Hills Clubhouse.