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Department of Justice Investigates COVID Relief Fraud Cases

Photo: Chip Somodevilla / Getty

LANSING, March 15, 2022 ~ The Department of Justice has discovered more than $8 billion in fraudulent COVID-19 relief payouts. 

Each state unemployment agency or state entity had a mission to get the money out.” said Partner at Honigman and Former US Attorney for the Eastern District of Michigan Matthew Schneider. “When they did that, they weren’t checking where the money was going … Some of these people were overseas, they were in China, they were not even American citizens. 

In response, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has proposed a new bill that would separate COVID-19 funding from a $1.5 trillion federal funding package and allocate funds specifically for COVID-19 relief money. Is this just the surface of the federal fraud charges being found? Will the billions desired by Nancy Pelosi to input to the relief be safe from theft? 

Follow along on 760 WJR’s All Talk with Jordan and Dietz as Matthew Schneider exposes the poor structure of the COVID-19 Relief Fund, and how it led to extensive fraud. 


March 15, 2022 ~ Matthew Schneider talks with Kevin and Tom about the charges the DOJ has brought on in alleged fraud from COVID-19 relief.


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