Attorney General Nessel Runs Campaign Ad Suggesting Republicans Might Take Away Your Right to Contraception

LANSING, March 14, 2022 ~ Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel has put out a controversial new ad campaign that suggests her Republican opponents might attempt to take away the right for Michigan residents to use contraception.

Remember when you could be jailed for using contraception? Me neither,” says Nessel in her ad. “If they win, you might have to cross state lines just to legally have safe sex.”

The ad stemmed from reactions by her opponents to questions about a 1965 Supreme Court ruling that overturned a State of Connecticut ban on birth control. Their comments in opposition however were over a state’s rights to make its own laws, and not over the merits of the specific law in question.

Are Attorney General Nessel’s claims accurate, or is this misleading politics?  760 WJR Senior News Analyst Chris Renwick takes a closer look, here:


March 14, 2022 ~ Chris Renwick tells Kevin and Tom about Attorney General Dana Nessel‘s re-election campaign and how it stretches the truth.