Ford to Separate EV, Legacy Vehicle Businesses

Photo: MARK RALSTON / AFP via Getty

DEARBORN, MICHIGAN, December 21, 2021 ~ Ford Motor Company declared that it will be splitting their EV and combustion industries into two separate divisions under the same roof.

Following last year’s move to create the Ford Pro division for commercial vehicles, Ford Model e¬†will be created for electric vehicle development, and Ford Blue for their internal combustion engines.

Additionally, the blue oval plans to increase EV production to 2 million units per year by 2026, while increasing profits by 10% and cutting costs, according to Ford CEO Jim Farley.

Here, get an exclusive inside perspective as newly appointed Ford Model e EV Industrialization Vice President Lisa Drake joins 760 WJR‘s Chris Renwick to talk about the change, and what is on the horizon for the Motor City auto giant.¬†


March 3, 2022 ~ Vice-President of EV Industrialization, Ford Model-e Lisa Drake talks to Chris Renwick about the automaker’s plans to create separate business units and she explains the reasons for the reorganization.