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Eastpointe Mayor Owens tells 760 WJR’s Lloyd Jackson about her Upcoming Children’s Book

EASTPOINTE, MICHIGAN, February 11, 2021 ~ In 2019, Monique Owens was elected as the first Black Mayor of Eastpointe, and youngest mayor to hold office in Macomb County’s history.

Previously, she held jobs as a Sheriff’s Deputy, a comedian with her own talent agency, and as a realtor who also worked to house the homeless by creating a non-profit organization. Today, Mayor Owens is working to educate young people on her duties as a mayor with her new book “Mom, What’s A Mayor?,” named after a question asked by her own twin daughters.

760 WJR Senior News Analyst Lloyd Jackson was on “All Talk with Tom Jordan & Kevin Dietz” this week to talk about his recent visit with Mayor Owens. Catch the interview here:


February 10, 2022 ~ 760 WJR Senior News Analyst Lloyd Jackson tells Kevin and Tom about the new mayor of Eastpointe.