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Governor Whitmer Addresses Public in First COVID Statement Since Omicron Outbreak

Photo: MARK FELIX / AFP via Getty

DETROIT, December 21, 2021 ~ Governor Gretchen Whitmer today responded to the recent rise in Michigan COVID-19 infections, hospitalizations, and deaths during a news conference, her first on the topic since June.This virus is spreading faster than anyone anticipated,” said Governor Whitmer. “Hospitals are still inundated and those are largely unvaccinated patients. That’s why we want to acknowledge we’re in for another tough four to six weeks, is what experts are projecting.”Even though Michigan infection rates are at their highest level since the beginning of the pandemic, the Governor indicated that additional lockdown restrictions aren’t likely. Whitmer says that she instead intends to focus on vaccine education, booster shots, providing help to overwhelmed healthcare workers, and to keeping schools and businesses open.Get the very latest on Michigan’s COVID-19 surge from “The Paul W. Smith Show,” “All Talk with Tom Jordan and Kevin Dietz,” and “The Guy Gordon Show.”


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