Detroit Artist Hires Lawyer After Oxford Shooter’s Parents Found in His Studio

Photo: Matthew Hatcher / Getty

OXFORD, December 6, 2021 ~ Detroit Artist Andrzej Sikora has hired an attorney and agreed to talk to investigators after James and Jennifer Crumbley, parents of the Oxford High School Shooter Ethan Crumbley, were picked up at the artist’s studio following a police manhunt Friday night.

Mr. Sikora is a 65-year old artist in the city of Detroit who knew the family here, knew the Crumbleys, and knew of course of the Oxford tragedy,” said Sikora’s Attorney Clarence Dass to 760 WJR’ s Paul W. Smith. “But didn’t know, when they called him on Friday morning … because they had death threats to them, that they were going to then overstay into the evening hours when he left, stay overnight, and ultimately get apprehended.”

December 6, 2021 ~ Detroit area Attorney Clarence Dass representing Andrzej Sikora, an artist who is associated with James and Jennifer Crumbley, tells Paul W. that his client did not know police were looking for them when he agreed to let the couple stay in his studio in Detroit.

It’s certainly out of the ordinary, absolutely. I mean, you’ve got people that live in Oakland County that are in basically a warehouse in Detroit completely off a beaten path. Allegedly they were going to turn themselves in. Well, that’s not exactly where you do it from,” said Sheriff Mike Bouchard.

According to Dass, Sikora had no awareness of the criminal charges against the Crumbleys when they arrived.

He wouldn’t have gone to the police, without an attorney, the next day, if he had known that these people had warrants,” said Dass.

Another thing that is important here is, when the press conference by the Oakland County Prosecutor happened on Friday morning, apparently, the Crumbleys’ attorney didn’t even know that charges were issued that morning. The sheriff’s department didn’t know that charges were being issued…and it’s easy to conclude that this guy, who is a lateral subject, would not have known.”

Both parents and their son are currently being held separately at the Oakland County Jail. Each parent is being held on a $500,000 bond.