Detroit Lions Draw Less Than 50,000 Spectators for the First Time Since 2010

Photo: Nic Antaya / Getty

DETROIT, November 31, 2021 ~ Sunday, for the first time in more than 10 years, the Detroit Lions drew less than 50,000 spectators.

On Halloween, the Lions suffered a 44-6 loss to the Philadelphia Eagles, and only 47,129 tickets were sold for the game, marking the fewest number to pay to see Detroit play since they hosted Washington in 2010. That game also happened to be on Halloween.

The Lions are currently averaging 52,046 fans per game, only second to Washington for lowest attendance average.

According to the Sports Business Journal, in a virtual presentation with top executives from each NFL team prior to the season start, the Lions were among a group of five teams called out for subpar ticket sales.

Making the bottom tier of ticket sellers the subject of an individual slide part of a highly curated, carefully planned presentation to the owners, displayed an intentionality that is never a coincidence at the NFL,” read a Sports Business Journal Report.

If the numbers continue as they have been, omitting COVID-19 restrictions for 2020, home game attendance will be the fewest since 2009, the year after the Lions went 0-16. That year had higher attendance numbers than current, with an average of 54,497 attending home games.

The Lions’ annual Thanksgiving game is expected to fill the stands, but if they remain winless, another attendance below 50,000 is possible.