Governor Whitmer Announces Plan to Invigorate Michigan Economy

MACKINAC ISLAND, MICHIGAN, September 22, 2021 ~ Tuesday, Governor Gretchen Whitmer revealed a new plan at the Mackinac Policy Conference to jumpstart the Michigan economy.

It’s really about investing in the middle class, and growing the middle class, investing in our small businesses, and making sure we’ve got communities that are thriving,” said Governor Whitmer to 760 WJR’s Paul W. Smith at the Grand Hotel on Wednesday. “When we do these pieces, it’s how we really get our economy to a place where it’s strong and there is real opportunity for everyone to be prosperous in the state.”

September 22, 2021 ~ Governor Whitmer tells Paul W. that Michigan could have the first electrified road in the country, and she also says the American Rescue Plan money will help all Michigan residents.

The plan focuses on three main pillars, listed as: grow the middle class, support small businesses, and build strong communities, according to, where the MI New Economy Plan page is broken down.

Pillar one focuses on lifting families out of poverty and moving them into the middle class, with the goal of moving 100,000 families out of working poverty over the next five years.

Pillar two emphasizes supporting small businesses, with the goal to place Michigan in the top 10 states for small business and job growth, household income growth, and growth in venture capital funding, all over the next five years.

Finally, pillar three focuses on building communities with higher standards of living, with goals to give 100% access to high-speed internet, and 95% adoption over the next five years.

The plan is stated to cost $2.1 billion.

Right now, we don’t have enough workers in Michigan. We don’t have enough workers that have the skills,” said Whitmer. “So this budget really funds futures for frontliners.”