Motor Bella Takes M1 Concourse This Week as the International Auto Show is Still on Pause

PONTIAC, MICHIGAN, September 20, 2021 ~ Following the continued pause of the North American International Auto Show (NAIAS) at TCF Center due to the COVID-19 pandemic, a new auto show is taking place at M1 Concourse in Pontiac. The NAIAS will present Motor Bella, a brand new automotive event to satisfy car lovers around the Motor City.

Tuesday and Wednesday, only the press will be allowed to see as Toyota unveils a new pickup to compete with Detroit’s big three, and Ford will unveil their newest iteration of the Expedition. There will also be presentations and conferences on both days, including Dolby on the future of entertainment in vehicles, and a presentation on the challenge of moving the auto industry to electric vehicles.

Thursday through Sunday, the public will be welcome to attend. Events exclusive to Motor Bella will be held all week. An off-road obstacle course has been built, where you can ride in the passenger seat of a Jeep as a professional driver takes you around the course. Ford also made their own course for the new Bronco SUV, and you can ride along in the new Ford as well.

Stellanitis has set up a track for the Ram TRX, where you can ride as a driver takes it off jumps at 50 mph.

When we hit a jump, you get about two, three feet in the air. By the time you sit down, you’re about 50 feet further down the track,” said Stellantis Experimental Manager Jason Russ.

Patrons can also ride in sports cars going around the M1 track at over 100 mph, and some cars are even available to be driven on Woodward Avenue.

For more information on Motor Bella throughout the week, stay tuned to, and listen to 760 WJR.