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15-Year-Old Catholic Central Football Player Dies After Conditioning Practice

NOVI, August 11, 2021 ~ Saturday, 15-year-old Novi Detroit Catholic Central High School Football Player Stephen Sylvester died after collapsing during conditioning practice last Monday.

The school’s website called for prayers for Stephen on its prayer request list late last week, stating that he was “experiencing a health challenge.”

\”We are incredibly saddened by the passing of Stephen,\” said a statement from Catholic Central. \”He was a bright young man, and a valued member of the school community. At this point we ask for some privacy for the family, our students, our faculty, and our staff while we work to support all of those so intimately impacted by this loss.\”

August 11, 2021 ~ DMC Sinai-Grace Sports Medicine and Emergency Department Physician Dr. Kristy Smith, talks with Kevin Dietz about the concerns of being outside during extremely hot temperatures.

Sports Medicine and Emergency Department Physician Dr. Kristy Smith talked with 760 WJR\’s Kevin Dietz about prevention and education on heat related illness and injury for both athletes and people working outside.

One of the main things they need to think about is hydration: making sure that you’re not waiting until you are thirsty to drink fluids,” said Smith during “WJR Late Mornings”. “So in the cases of our football athletes, our soccer athletes that are out practicing for long periods of time, they are the type of people that are definitely going to need something like a sports drink.”

The other thing is, you can adjust your schedule if possible to avoid these really hot times of the day from say, 2 o’clock on to 6 or 8 p.m.,” Dr. Smith continued. “If you could do your activities earlier in the morning, or later in the evening that would be better.”