Line 5 Mediation to Reach Completion by End of August

Photo: Rick Eglinton / Toronto Star via Getty

LANSING, July 15, 2021 ~ Thursday, officials from State of Michigan and Enbridge told a federal judge they expect to complete mediation regarding the future of Line 5 by the end of August.

We understand the stakes in this matter are important not only for Enbridge and the state, but for many others throughout the region that have strong interest in its outcome,” said Enbridge Spokesman Ryan Duffy. “Meanwhile, we will continue to safely and responsibly deliver the energy the region relies upon from the Line 5 system.”

In November, Governor Gretchen Whitmer revoked Enbridge’s easement due to “persistent and incurable violations,” and ordered the company to shut down the pipeline.

Enbridge officials responded, saying they would not close the line without a court order. The company subsequently filed a federal suit on the grounds that state officials cannot close the line, and only federal regulators have that authority.

July 15, 2021 ~ Enbridge Senior Vice-President Mike Fernandez talks to Paul W. about Line 5 and says the parties should be finished with mediation next month.

Enbridge received approval from the state for a $500 million project to dig a tunnel beneath the Straits of Mackinac. The tunnel will house the pipes and protect them from anchors and other environmental hazards.

Just like politicians have their own polls, we do market research,” said Enbridge Senior Vice President Mike Fernandez to 760 WJR’s Paul W. Smith. “More than 55% of Michiganders say ‘we want to continue the operation’ of that line. And more than 70% favor our solution, which was actually supported by the state Legislature, the previous governor.”

According to court documents, the parties will meet with a court-approved mediator on August 11.