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Tigers Conclude 2021 Draft With 21 Picks: 12 Pitchers

Photo: Steph Chambers / Getty

DETROIT, July 13, 2021 ~ Tuesday, the Detroit Tigers finalized the 20-round 2021 MLB Draft with 21 total selections over three days. The 21 picks consist of: 11 right-handed pitchers, one left-handed pitcher, one shortstop, one first baseman, one third baseman, two catchers, and four outfielders.

I think we’ve had success with young arms in the past,” said Amateur Scouting Director Scott Pleis. “There’s really a risk with everybody. Probably the question is, do we have an idea how to handle them, and we do our best to make sure we develop (pitchers) in the correct way.”

I think it would be a shame to run away from the best talent because maybe we were afraid they might get hurt,” Pleis continued. “In all sports, there’s always a risk.”

Sunday, the Tigers chose high schooler Jackson Jobe (No. 3 Overall) from Oklahoma in Round 1, and Ty Madden from Texas in Competitive Balance Round A.

They have two guys who might actually be in the conversation for Top 100 Prospects just from the first two picks of this draft,” said “Bless You Boys” and “Prospects LiveWriter Trevor Hooth to 760 WJR’s Paul W. Smith.

July 13, 2021 ~ “Bless You Boys” & “Prospects LiveWriter Trevor Hooth talks to Paul W. Smith about the MLB Draft, and tonight’s All-Star Game at Coors Field in Denver.

Monday, nine picks were made: Izzac Pacheco in Round 2; Dylan Smith in Round 3; Tyler Mattison in Round 4; Tanner Kohlhepp in Round 5; Austin Murr in Round 6; Brant Hurter in Round 7; Jordan Marks in Round 8; Garrett Burhenn in Round 9; and Austin Schultz in Round 10.

Tuesday, Josh Crouch was chosen in Round 11; Mike Rothenburg in Round 12; Chris Meyers in Round 13; RJ Petit in 14; Blake Holub in Round 15; Jack Anderson in Round 16; Aaron Haase in Round 17; Ben Malergi in Round 18; Justice Bigbie in Round 19; and JD McLaughlin in Round 20.

We feel very good about what we’ve done,” said Scott Pleis. “As a group, we all feel like we did really well. I think we’re happy.”