James Craig Gives First Political Speech: “Governor Whitmer: America isn’t a Monarchy”

JACKSON, MICHIGAN, July 7, 2021 ~ Tuesday, Former Detroit Police Chief James Craig told of his journey from a born Democrat to changing into a Republican, all while slamming Governor Gretchen Whitmer’s political career.

Please listen to me, Governor Whitmer: America isn’t a monarchy,” Craig said to a cheering crowd. “We aren’t ruled by kings and queens; we ended that back in 1776.”

Craig didn’t stop with Whitmer, and stated that Democrats are trying to “defund our police, open up our borders to criminals and silence dissenting voices.”

Craig stated he voted for Trump twice. He then went on to say he is pro-life, and pro-second amendment — saying he will carry a firearm till the day he dies.

July 7, 2021 ~ Former Governor John Engler talks about James Craig’s speech last night with Kevin Dietz.

I will never back down to liberal woke-ism and I’ll always stand up for what’s right despite intimidation and resistance from the woke mob and their Hollywood allies,” Craig continued.

The speech drew strong criticisms, including Michigan Democratic Spokeswoman Rodericka Applewhaite, who called out Craig in an email to Fox News.

Craig can rattle off whatever lines his consultant picked. It won’t negate the fact that Governor Whitmer continues to put Michiganders first,” she wrote. “Right now, she’s leading a bipartisan effort to deliver an historic investment in public schools – without raising taxes.”

James Craig has not yet formally announced a campaign for governor.