Biden Administration Bears Down on Domestic Terrorism

June 16, 2021 ~ Tuesday, the White House released a national strategy specifically targeting domestic terrorism. Experts say the strategy comes as a direct response to the January 6 capitol riots.

We cannot ignore this threat or wish it away,” said President Biden during the introduction of the plan. “Preventing domestic terrorism and reducing the factors that fuel it demand a multifaceted response across the federal government and beyond.”

The strategy targets four areas: improving sharing between law enforcement agencies, investigation of extremist groups, preventing recruitment among said extremist groups, and confronting racism and bigotry as the main drivers of domestic terrorism.


June 16, 2021 ~ Retired Troy Police Chief Charley Craft talks with Kevin Dietz about President Biden‘s new strategy to counter domestic terrorism.

First, we are focused on violence, not ideology,” said Attorney General Merrick Garland Tuesday. “We don’t investigate people for their First Amendment activities. There is no place for violence in resolving political differences in our democracy.”

The Biden Administration has requested more than $100 million in spending to hire more prosecutors, expand training, and screen employees for ties to extremist groups.

You don’t want to be prosecuting the El Paso terrorist after he kills 23 people. You want to have prevented it,” Head of the Institute for Constitutional Advocacy and Protection at Georgetown University Law Center Mary McCord said. “That’s the challenge. Because anytime you’re engaging in preventive law enforcement, that comes with criticisms.”