Whitmer Proposes Unemployment Benefits for Employed Workers

Photo: Bill Pugliano / Getty

June 15, 2021 ~ Monday, Governor Gretchen Whitmer announced that she plans to expand the state’s Work Share program, allowing specific employees returning to work to receive a $300 bonus per week.

We’re going to use the federal $300 per week in unemployment benefits to our advantage, so we can incentivize people to get back to work, maximize a family’s income and help employers fully build up their businesses and staff,” Whitmer said.

The payments are only available currently to employers who bring back previous workers. Now Whitmer is working with the Legislature to expand the program to provide bonuses for new employees who are hired through a workshare program.

June 15, 2021 ~ President of the Detroit Regional Chamber Sandy Baruah talks with Kevin Dietz about the $300 federal unemployment benefits some workers could continue to receive.

June 15, 2021 ~ Vice President of Business Advocacy and Member Engagement for the Michigan Chamber of Commerce Wendy Block talks with Guy Gordon about Governor Whitmer‘s proposed new $300 back-to-work incentive.

And that’s a great way for working people to get back in without paying a price or having to make an unconscionable decision — do I stay out and make a little more or do I jump back in and get the benefit of both?”

Under the program, employees who have wages or hours cut can earn back money lost. For example, an employee experiencing a 25% pay cut would be eligible to receive 25% of the wages they would receive if unemployed.

Generally, people would have to choose: Either you take that, or you get back into the workplace. We don’t want people to have that false choice, set people up for failure. We want to encourage people to get back into the workplace,” Whitmer said.