‘Ring of Fire’ Solar Eclipse Will Be Visible Thursday in Northern Hemisphere

Photo: Mariano Gabriel Sanchez / Anadolu Agency via Getty

DETROIT, June 7, 2021 ~ Thursday, people in the northern hemisphere will be able to witness an annular solar eclipse of the Sun.

During an annular eclipse, Earth and the Moon have enough distance between them that the Moon appears smaller than the Sun.  As the Moon in this stage will not entirely obstruct the view of the sun, the visual is that of a dark circle with what looks like a ring of fire.

Observers in Michigan will be able to partially view the solar eclipse from sunrise at until 9:11 a.m. on June 10.

To get the best possible view of the eclipse, you will need an unobstructed view of the horizon,” said Associate Professor of Physics and Astronomy at University of Michigan-Dearborn Will Clarkson. “Places like a city park or a tall building would be a good place to watch the horizon.”

When viewing any type of solar eclipse, solar goggles or eclipse glasses are needed. Regular sunglasses are not safe for viewing the Sun’s rays directly.

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