100 Year-Old Message Found in Bottle at Michigan Central Station

Photo: Bill Pugliano / Getty

DETROIT, May 28, 2021 ~ Restoration crews are finding a myriad of artifacts inside Detroit’s Michigan Central Station.

Demolition Laborer Lukas Nielson came across a glass bottle while tearing down old plaster. Inside the pre-prohibition Stroh’s bottle was a 108 year handwritten note, still legible.

May 28, 2021 ~ Ford Motor Company Archives and Heritage Brand Manager Ted Ryan talks to Paul W. about finding many artifacts at the Michigan Central Station including a message in an old Stroh‘s beer bottle.

“As long as it seemed like there was no rain, and it’s pretty resilient in the weather, paper can last for hundreds of years if it’s in an element that is not exposed to mold or extreme heat,” said Winthrop Group Archivist Lauren Dreger. “So it being insulated up in there really helped to preserve that paper.”

The station will become a workspace for more than 2,000 employees on Ford’s mobility team. The project is expected to be completed by 2023.